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We Look
Our Process starts with our online quick app or if you prefer by phone or email. We then schedule a site visit to see the property and meet the borrower. Our goal is to inspect the property within 24 to 48 hours; often sooner!
We Like
If we like the property we will often make an offer on the spot or issue a written term sheet within 24 hours. We tell you up front what we need to close and handle all the paperwork in house start to finish.
We Close
We fund quickly and efficiently in each county we do business in as little as 3 days, but the average is more like 10 days. Our closings take 30 to 90 minutes depending if your transaction is a purchase or refinance.

Key Features to your Benefit


We thrive for a Win Win deal between borrower and lender. We solve problems not make them. If there is a way to make a loan, we will find it.

Competitive Pricing

We are more expensive than a commercial bank, but we move substantially faster and are often more affordable than the hard money Wall Street Lenders.


We have general guidelines not rigid rules. We listen to your needs, review your request and structure a loan ideally suited to meet the borrowers needs.

Fast Closing

Because we rarely need appraisals or other outside due diligence reports, we can move quickly and fund in days.

Smaller Loan Amounts

Unlike most lenders with a minimum loan amount of $ 1 million or more, we do not have a minimum loan amount. We have closed loans as low as $100,000.


We have more than 30 years of hands on experience in real estate as owners, managers, builders and lenders. We Know Real Estate!

Can't Get Traditional Financing, Let's Talk.

We are Willing to Look at all Scenarios Regardless of Credit History, Lien Status or Property Concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the loan program. Our in-house Bridge Loan can close in 3 to 7 days for properties in the New York City Area. Other locations or loan amounts over $ 1 million may take longer.

Yes, we are highly experienced and can place loans for any loan amount, property type or location. In fact, we often help our borrowers refinance out of our short term bridge loans.

We will consider 100% or higher financing only if the deal or project is a bone fide family sale or you pledge additional collateral such as another building you own.

No we do not request Tax Returns unless there is a cause to do so and we do lend to Foreign Nationals.

No and we generally don't care about credit reports unless it affects clear title. If your exit plan is to refinance, you should ask us for help / advise "how to clean a credit report" for some helpful pointers.

We have closed several second mortgages over the years, but we prefer not to. Can't hurt to ask.

Yes, usually we request a Personal Guarantee, but will consider other options should there be a valid or compelling reason.

No we don't offer consumer financing. We do know honest and capable residential loan officers Nationwide and would be happy to share their contact info for free.

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